Phil, Simon, and Churchill, Dinkelsbühl – 14/03/2020

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(i.m. Franz Kafka)
1. samsa awoke
troubled dreams
2. in his bed a               transformed                off completely
monstrous                                 to slide
   insect  3. shell-like back  5. poised
4. divided by
little curved brown
6. numerous legs   stiff arching   7. helplessly   
     pathetically thin          belly               before his      
     danced               ribs                     eyes 

This piece was written in July 2020, based on a blackout of the opening paragraph to Franz Kafka’s phenomenal short story “Metamorphosis”, as part of an exercise in the “Sharpened Visions” MOOC unit on Coursera. This piece was accepted by Interior Journal, a Melbourne-based magazine, for their second edition ‘Eponymous’.