Hi! My professional name is Cody B Duncan, and I work as a postdoctoral researcher in particle physics, with a focus on the low-energy phenomena that occur at the beginning and at the end of high-energy scattering processes. I have been (or am actively) involved with the Monte Carlo event generators Herwig, and Pythia, as well as Rivet – a enormously useful tool to compare theory to data.

An up-to-date profile on inspireHEP can be found here, with the corresponding links to all my papers.


I studied for a BA in Physics at Balliol College, Oxford from 2011 – 2014, then proceeded to undertake a 12-month MSc in Theoretical Physics at Edinburgh University in 2014.

After a year of working as a tutor, I moved to Melbourne at the beginning of September 2016. I started my PhD in Theoretical Particle Physics at Monash University, working under Professor Peter Skands. My thesis, submitted 12th February 2020, was entitled: “On Hadronization Phenomenology In Monte Carlo Event Generators”.

Clothes store at night, Melbourne – 14/02/2020


Currently, I am working at the Institute for Particle Physics (ITP) at the Karlsruher Institute of Technology (KIT). My main interests are concerned with non-perturbative aspects of events in Herwig, in particular hadronization and multiple parton interaction. I work closely with PD Dr Stefan Gieseke, who can be found here.